Search engine optimisation




You’ve no doubt heard the term search engine optimisation or SEO. Or maybe even search engine marketing or SEM. What’s it all about?

Remember, the only reason for visiting any website is because you want something. Information, a product, a service. In short, an answer to a problem or need. SEO is the link between answer-seeker and answer-provider.

Search engines gather data from millions of websites constantly. The role of the SEO specialist is to feed those search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others – with what they need to identify a page on your website as one that will give the answer-seeker what they’re looking for.

So, when someone searches for “professional gite website designer” or whatever, your site is listed on the results pages. Preferably the first page, which means your site is one of the top ten closest matches to that search phrase – which in SEO terms, whether a single word or a phrase is called a keyword.