Professional copywriting



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Words sell. Make no mistake. A website may look pretty but if the words don’t cut it, you’ve lost your customer.

Yet copywriting is the area of expertise most overlooked by web designers. Many list copywriting among their services, but unless they employ a copywriting professional, the words you pay for won’t work nearly as hard as they could.

Writing effective copy is a skill. It comes from practice and experience. It’s unlike any other kind of writing. It’s about putting yourself in the shoes of your reader, knowing what change you want to bring about, and having the flair with language to pull it off.

Of course, it helps if you also know where to stick your apostrophes, know your your from your you’re and have an eye for proofreading. Increasingly rare talents these days unless you write professionally. Think it doesn’t matter? Think again. Research has shown basic spelling mistakes on a web page can cut sales in half.

Copywriting is right at the heart of The Tin Piano. I’ve been writing copy for over thirty years. I’ve written for household names like Volkswagen, Audi, Orange, HP, Toshiba, Pedigree Petfoods, Thames Valley Police and The Royal Bank of Scotland. And for no end of small businesses.

Words matter to me. If they matter to you, I’m your man. If they don’t, good luck.